1 Day GEI Scientific Conference During COP24

To be held by GEI at a University in Katowice December 2018.

The Green Economics Institute, is an offical RINGO (Research Institute of the United Nations and an Official Climate Partner)

This conference follows our succesful parallel conference in Bonn at the University Club.

Difficult topics and uncomfortable but useful policy decissions can happen off line and be considered

quietly by some of the world’s leading economies and their advisors, so that climate change policies can be realistically and carefully considered

among scientists and interested parties and government representatives, economists and climate specialists.

After an excellent conference in Bonn, we will be holding a similar event in Katowice at the University and again will partner with the

Green Foundation Poland, the Green Foundation France and the Green European Foundation as well as the Green Economics Institute Trust and 2 Tonnes of Carbon Limited to explore seriously new solutions to the urgent climate problem.

We will be inviting our official United Nations Climate Partners who co bid with us for our COP24 exhibition stands and also our Official United Nations Side Events.

This event may also be an official COP United Nations Side event listed as such on the programme either Under the United Nations Ambition Stream,or its Cultural Events stream or possibly another stream.

Please email to find out more.

We will be Calling for Papers and Delegation Members – please email if you would like to join us-

info@2tonnesofcarbon.org and greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com