17th June 2018- 1 Day GEI  Oxford Climate Conference 2018

As an Official RINGO of  the United Nations Climate Conferences, this  one day preparation conference will be run with our partners:

2 Tonnes of Carbon Limited and The Green European Foundation, Luxembourg and Brussels and will be partly funded by the EU.

It aims to prepare our delegation for the climate conference and also to explore with the country united nations focal points about

how they can implement our strategy in their country and how they can ensure it is adopted in December at COP24.

Our solution is for a global carbon budget of 2 Tonnes of carbon by 2022 in a very fast ratcheting down of global carbon usage to 2 tonnes for every person and by every person on the planet. This has been calculated to be able to deliver the Paris Agreement in time and is one of the few solutions which will deliver it safely in time.

To find out more visit 2Tonnes of Carbon.

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If you are able to offer a speech at the event please get in  touch now.

Is our Mindset Stuck

The day will also include prominent Psychiatrists looking at why humans are not doing more to save themselves and the climate, what is it in our psychology that prevents action to solve the problem. This continues our panel discussing similar issues last year and the year before.

Is our culture stuck and unable to shift? How do we change it?

Is our politics stuck and unable to shift- How do we change it ?

Is our economics and investment  models stuck and unable to shift? How do we change it ?

Is our energy supply chain stuck ?How do we change it?

We will take speeches, papers, book chapters, guest editors for our academic journal, articles for our Members magazine -The Green Economist and short articles for our COP issues of The Green Economist. We are looking for people to join the editorial boards and people to work on our books and people to write in our books on climate change, as well as speakers at the conference and anyone who can do climate modeling or has other expertise on climate science to join us so that we can provide a detailed strategy for governments and Ministers to administer this year.

If you are a Focal Point already please join us to discuss this policy in an historic day. We are working at the highest level with the COP officials to begin the dialogue to implement this idea but we need as much input as possible of all kinds at this stage. Do come along to this event which will be held at St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford all day.

Please email us today greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com


The Green Economics Institute Preparation For the COP24 Poland Activities



1 Polish Institute  and  GEI COP GEF  Activity No1

Project Framing  Event.


 To be held at Oxford University

With project partners


17th June 2018


1 day conference

With 50-100 attendees

COP24 Preparation Debate
Rationale and Purpose of the Oxford Event.

A new model and methodology for climate change at the COP

A)    This event examines and debates the possibilities of a Greener Faster COP narrative ambition using a brand new proposed methodology for actually achieving the Paris goals and ramping down to 1.4 degrees of warming.

This new methodology and model has been developed this year by The Green Economics Institute itself. As its new we have been working with climate scientists, economists, diplomats and UNFCC country focal points to ensure it is absolutely robust and practicable. At COP23 we introduced the new model and methodology as a basis for discussions at COP24 Poland and it was accepted in principle by a quarter of the participant countries and also the Chair of COP and Deputy Chair as the only scenario which actually delivers the desired outcome.  


Introduction  11.00-13.00

The Green Economics Institute will present the model, our graphs, findings etc.

This session will take the form of 3 short presentations with ppts and graphs.

Speakers will include top climate scientists and government leading scientists – introducing carbon budgets with top economists.

The GEF Project Partners will co present on economics and diplomatic aspects of this introduction

Lunch 13.00-14.00
A)    14.00-15.00

Debate its implications on an economic and physical and cultural level for Europe and European people

This session will take the form of a panel debate and involve participants from the floor

Speakers will include Ewa Sufin from The Polish Green Foundation and two others, possibly the Bid partners.



B) 15.00-17.00

Debate the cultural changes needed to realise this ambition

As part of this aim, a top Oxford Musician is creating an entire new musical symphony inspired by the Model. We have also in the past at the Green Economics Institute had a Polish environmental opera launched at our annual event and we will invite the same Polish Opera Company to come to the event in Oxford to underline the cultural shifts necessary to implement the new model

This session will take the form of a cultural debate  with 3 experts on 2 tonnes of life style culture

And may be followed by the two musical presentations


Debate the best course of diplomatic action to get it approved at COP24 Poland


This session will take the form of a Panel of short presentations by 2  European climate diplomats

And a debate from the floor