Paper Presentation Format

Papers must be presented in the following manner or they will not be accepted.

Papers must be presented in Georgia 11 point with 22 point chapter or paper headings.

Heading in the chapter to be in 14 point bold.

Format must be .doc .docx or .odt. No other formats will be accepted. No Pdfs will be accepted.

No footnotes are allowed.

We will not accept any abstracts as a submission.

Papers must be  between 2000 -10,000 words all with references in Harvard Style. in alphabetical author order.

We will not accept any papers where more than half the references are from the internet.


Stream Theme

Please indicate which stream they are intended to be for and which conference



Title of the Paper

Authors of the paper- with all authors contact emails and phone numbers (will not be displayed but must be provided in the text itself.)

The Institution of the Authors

Then a Biography section of each author -4 lines long.

Then a short abstract 5 lines long summarizing the paper

Then repeat the paper title and purpose

Introduction – aims of the paper

Body of the Paper




Further instructions

No photos must appear unless you have taken them yourself  and no diagrams unless you have created them.

Any suspected plagiarisation will result in the immediate removal of the work without any recourse or refund.

All papers must be accompanied  a completed  signed copy of our Copyright Agreeement  and Consent Form

containing   consent to allow us hold your details form. If not received at the time the paper will not be processed.



All papers to be presented must be accompanied by a powerpoint presentation ( which must be submitted

2 working weeks before the conference),  which has photos and is relevant to the same paper.

All presenters must be willing to chair at least one session at the conference.



All presenters must pay the conference registration  fees at the time of submission  or their papers will not be accepted. No refunds will be given under any circumstances for conference fees as we have to pay costs and we dont get any refunds for those costs.


Any one needing a visa support letter must give at least 2 months notice to our team in writing to ensure we have staff allocated time. No refunds will be given if a visa application fails. Each author is responsible for their own visa issues.


Submission of your papers

When your paper is ready please email us  with 3 copies as follows:

To an




Please pay your GEI Membership at

and please pay your conference registration fees at