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2 1 Day Conferences in 2018

  1. Sunday June 17th 2018 Climate Change Oxford
  2. Monday June 18th 2018 Migration Oxford

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1 Day Climate Conference Oxford Sunday 17th June 2018


2 Tonnes of Carbon by 2022: Lifestyle, Economics & Science

1 Day Conference at Oxford University Sunday 17th June 2018 10.00- 16.00

Preparing for COP24 United Nations Climate in Katowice, Poland


Fast Ratcheting down of  Personal and Global Carbon Budgets

To achive the ‘Ambition of 1.5 degrees’ of warming that we proposed in  the Paris Agreement Targets, we need to reconsider available methodologies for moving faster towards stabilising the global climate. We re-examine and re -calculate the scientific and technological options.


Therefore our event introduces the use of Global  and Personal Carbon Budgets, and the new pathway solution suggested by the Green Economics Institute for implementation by the COP23 and COP24.


The event will provide a space to debate and consider the options.  It will explain the latest science, economics and   life style advice for United Nations  delegations, Focal Points, United Nations’ Research Organisations (RINGOs) and the Chair and his teams and for the general public.


Further explanations and information about this can be found on our website At this event,. we explore Lifestyle Changes, Market Options,  Regulations and Technological &  Scientific Options.


Speakers invited include: Michelle Gale COP Delegation Leader, Professor Maria Madi, Benoit Monange, Fondation de L’ecologie Politique (France) & Hans Kare Flo, Tekna (Norway), Professor Graciela Chichilsniski (IPCC Report Leader)

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